Chinese character is hard to learn for most western people due to the lack of original logic. In fact, each Chinese character has its story and history. They would be hidden from you because they have evolved over thousands of years. To help you understand Chinese characters better, I am trying to reveal each of them in compelling means.

Firstly, I created some short animations to explain the origin or relationship of Chinese characters.
An animation explains the Chinese character "人" (means a person)
I also designed an adventure game for this project. I personified the Chinese character "人"(means a person) and made him as the main character. He encounters challenges in different stages and you can help him overcome difficulties by writing Chinese characters or answering relevant questions. For instance, when "人" needs a knife, as long as you write the Chinese character "刀"(means a knife), he will get this powerful tool. See the storyboards below to get the basic concept:
The first page with different stages
The main character "人" talks about what he is going to do.
If you keep clicking on, a word card will pop up and be saved into your notebook
A river blocks him but he wants to cross. 
He gets an idea.
He sees a tree and he says he needs "木"(means wood).
He asks for a knife.
If you write down a "刀" (means knife), he will get it.
He uses the knife to cut down the tree and get the wood.
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